February 4, 2016


Nothing makes me happier than going into a shoot with someone who is feeling down with life, struggling with circumstances, not feeling all that great and then getting them to feel like a million bucks again and empower them in front of my camera though my camera! It's my little slice of gold to put out into the world. Being behind my camera and bringing out the raw and real inside people, bringing out their lives and stories, creating stories together; it fills me up!

December 9, 2015

Jennifer & Chana - 11.28.15

It was an icy wedding day at Crossings Chapel, in Oklahoma City, for this African bride and groom.  With temperatures that threatened to frost over your fingers and had your teeth chattering in minutes. One could never plan such weather and white covered beautiful wedding day backdrops though. It was absolutely beautiful and I loved photographing Jennifer and Chana and their laughing, happy love. How Chana could not stop kissing her and how she could make him laugh like no other. Totally in love and crazy about each other. Organic, real, easy to capture kind of happiness not caught up in stress or their surroundings but in each other. 
I wish them all the best I can possibly wish them as they continue on their lives back at their beautiful home in Mozambique doing the beautiful work they do and spreading their madly awesome love around them to everyone! I'm honored to have had Jennifer ask if I would be the one to capture their day and I look forward to an after wedding Christmas shoot with them over the next few weeks! 

Jennifer's Orphan Home: Project Liberty